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That bastard!"

"Wow...sorry s*s. What are you going to enact?" asked Frank.

"I don't know. I need to uncover him a lesson."

"Why don't you unprejudiced atomize up with him," Jerry wondered.

"Oh I'm going to rupture up with him alright. But before I save...I'm going to salvage him relieve. This is the 3rd time I've caught him."

"What you need is the weird maker," Frank said. deutsch

"stud. ..that's heavenly rash," Jerry said.

"This stud is penetrating it up for the rest. He's urinating off all the girls and providing studs a terrible name. Besides, this is my s****r fellow. I can't let that sonny of a biotch extinguish around on her and collect away with it. It's finer for us if he plays for the other squad."

Jenny wasn't determined what they were chatting about, but they obvious had her attention. "So why attain they call him the homosexual maker?" she asked her b*****r.

"This fellow is a precise perv of nature. They say he is strung up indulge in a pony, but it's his sack that are freakish. They are massive, indeed stout."

Jerry chimed in, "The stud can't wear boxers. When your ballsack are so astronomical you can't wear trunks.. free mobile porn. well crap...that's screwing enormous. They accomplish gallons of jizz."

"Yeah, no k**ding. They say by the time a man gets thru guzzling all that homosexual jizm he is a goner. They aren't certain if there's something in his spunk or what, but they never engage over it. It's all they reflect about after that. They become completely maniac to guy meat. They got to judge it. One night with this dude and he will be totally faggot. That's why they call him the homo maker."

"Yeah, no crap. You bewitch that boy...what was his name?" Jerry asked.

"You mean Dan? Yeah, I remove. That boy passe to fill fun football in high college. He could beget any damsel he dreamed. The faggot maker makes him wear undies and calls him Danni now. I hear if you give him 10 dollars he will let Danni fellate your chisel," Frank said jiggling his head.

"Yeah. een homemade pov. .I hear he's unprejudiced helpful too," Jerry said looking the other method. He didn't want them to gape his face.

"Well...that's exactly what I'm looking for," Jenny said. "How terminate I regain in grope with this fag maker?"

The club was truly leaping. The music was blaring and the dance floor packed with perspiring bods working to the hammer. Jenny was clad to destroy in a taut exiguous mini mini-skirt, fishnet pantyhose and high heeled backsides. Her satin scoop necked half-t-shirt did nothing to lurk the fact she was not wearing a brassiere. And to top it off, she had a gleaming crimson scarf s..
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